3rd joint combat group

Who Are We?

Welcome to the 3rd Joint Combat Group: a unit formed by friends with a passion for Arma 3. Ultimately, we all want an Arma group we can all call our own. A group that dispenses with what is tedious and boring, and focuses on what is engaging and satisfying. In short: we are serious in-game, and casual out.

We founded this unit with the ultimate purpose to bring an acceptable level of realism and military simulation to Arma 3. You won’t find ranks or hard-core rules to establish dominance here, but we try to keep our missions as realistic and as sensible as possible. We pride ourselves on removing the riff-raff of the casual groups and breaking down extraneous hardcore milsim rules into their most basic components to keep the game fun and exciting for everyone. We play Arma as not only a community, but a group of friends at the core.

The 3rd Joint Combat Group is an open-ended milsim group. This means we do not belong to any one faction, or branch of any military. This allows us to play as a US Marine outfit in Takistan one operation, a Private Security Task Force the next, and WW2 era Germans without breaking realism and simulation. This also means we can set our own Standard Operating Procedures, and Unit Rules to help us better execute our operations. However, we will primarily play as a US based outfit, as those are the most fun and familiar for us.

Some of our mission content