Phase 1

Table of Contents

Unit Ethos

The 3rd Joint Combat Group was founded by a group of friends with the ideal of “Serious In Game, Casual Out”.  You won’t find ranks or hard core rules to establish dominance here at the 3rd JCG, but we try to keep our missions as realistic and as sensible as possible.  We pride ourselves on removing the riff-raff of the casual groups and breaking down extraneous Hardcore Milsim rules into their most basic components to keep the game fun and exciting for everyone. 

All members of the 3rd JCG will work together every mission to accomplish the task at hand.  And as such it is important to understand that proper communication, teamwork, and training are paramount to the success of every mission.  We hope that every member shows up to operations ready to perform their duties to the utmost of their ability.  However, most importantly, we are here to have fun with a group of like minded individuals, and we will never discourage fun in the proper time and place. 

Unit Rules & Reminders

General Rules:

Behavior Standards:

Operation Rules:

Dossiers and Mission Info

Missions are posted in the unit Discord channel under the "Operations" tab, where member can also ready up at the start of the week to let mission makers know which days they should be available to play. The operations themselves have their own names and will include full Dossiers to help briefly fill all players in on the critical mission information, such as:

It's important to note that the #voting-booth in Discord serves to help mission makers gauge how to best prepare their missions for the group. This is an optional resource but has proven highly useful in balancing missions and providing more quality game play and thus is highly encouraged for players to participate in the weekly vote. Players are not pressured to sign up for days that they are uncertain of their availability.

Mission Sign-Up is called for a mission before it is run to help confirm the final attendance for a mission and allow certified players to sign up for roles/assets that have been made available to players. It is important that players at least take a glance through the dossier at this time before signing up. Players who are uncertain if they will be on time or even be able to make it at all may always just sign up as a "latecomer" to help other players gauge team availability.

Command Structure

In the majority of Official Operations, players are grouped up into "Fire Teams" of 3-5 people (typically), each lead by a "Fire Team Leader" (FTL).  If there are multiple fire teams they make up a "Squad", which is overseen and led by a "Squad Leader" (SL), from whom the Fire Team Leaders receive their orders and guidance throughout the mission.  A Squad Leader is often considered the highest level of command within 3rd JCG Operations, and they typically give orders to other support assets in addition to the fire teams.

In the event that a greater amount of players show up, a Platoon Leader might be required to lead from an even higher position in the chain of command.  The Platoon Leader is effectively the highest command element in an Operation and gives order to other FTLs and SLs to coordinate efforts, rather than individuals on the front line.  The use of extra Radio Transmitter Operators, Joint Tactical Air Controllers and Forward Observers is often required to help manage the flow of orders and command traffic when a Platoon Leader is being used for a mission.

Team Makeup

Within a fire team, the FTL is in charge of picking weapon systems to distribute throughout the team, this is to best suit the mission or the FTL's style of leadership.  These weapon systems (all of which are covered in Phase 2 BCT) may include Grenade Launchers, Light/Medium Machine Guns, Marksman Rifles and various forms of Launchers.  Each weapon system comes with advantages and disadvantages to the team, which is why it's the FTL's job to determine which one's are the most appropriate.

As a standard, all fire teams should have a person designated as Combat Life Saver and another designated as the Sapper.  These two roles fulfill mechanical functions within the team, all of which you will learn more about later on in Phases 2 and 3.

A BCT Instructor should go over these sections with all new recruits to guide them through each step.  Each of the bullets listed here act as points to be check marked for training and need to be gone over one-by-one in order to complete Phase 1.

Introductory Training

Arsenal and Mission Loadout Rules

Key Bindings

Configure Addons

Addon Options