Engineering, combat or otherwise, is primarily focused around puzzle solving. The puzzle in itself might not be all that hard, but it gets a lot more complicated when there are adversaries trying to kill you. 3rd JCG Engineers are thus given the training and tools needed to creatively and effectively solve their team’s problems. For practical education and training purposes, Engineering has been divided into two parallel halves: Explosives Expert and Logistics Specialist. While encouraged, no one shall be required to achieve both halves of the Engineer certification.


The Explosives Expert Engineering sub-certification has one Advanced Tactical Training prerequisite: Demo. It is intended for Demo be performed before requesting Explosives Expert training, but can be performed at the same time if enough time is available. It is expected for the trainee to understand the difference between acting in a ‘Demo’ capacity and ‘Explosives Expert’ capacity. It is preferred to have some Fireteam Leader or Squad Leader experience prior to requesting Logistics Specialist training, but is not required.


R. Taylor | “Combat Engineers aren’t allowed to be cowards.”

The standing doctrine for 3rd J.C.G. Engineers is to be as close to the front, or involved in the fight at the front, as possible. There are exceptions, but they should be minimized. This is to be as useful, as quick, and as efficient as possible in whatever the Engineer’s taskings will be. Those who are Engineering certified are expected to be a proponent for their certification, abilities, and retain enhanced knowledge in their subject matter. This may involve suggesting strategy or equipment compositions when an Engineer sees an opportunity to make use of their training, either in briefing or on the fly. Proficiency is required, as is continual training. An individual carrying the Engineering certification is expected to understand all common and uncommon aspects of their qualified Engineering sub-certs. Opportunities for practice, testing, and concept exploring will be presented and encouraged by the Engineering instructor(s), and participation, or if unable to attend a follow-up discussion, is expected on the part of certification holders. Engineering, in a gameplay sense, is not as mechanically complicated as other certifications. As a result, skills must be high as a good representation of the certification to the rest of the unit.

Engineering sub-certifications

Explosives Expert

Go out with a bang. Or not. Your call. ...or maybe theirs.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Curse Nokia phone build quality. The E.O.D. mission requires the Engineer to have a defusal kit in their inventory, as well as good nerves. This tasking is likely employed in one of two forms: leading an element through a minefield or I.E.D. likely area, or being brought to an area for U.X.O. or de-mining operations. An Engineer tasked with E.O.D. duties must have sufficient security from their team to be able to perform their duties, having their ability to fight restrained when actively disposing of explosives. It is the Engineer’s responsibility to ensure their team is on task with security to the best extent possible.

Advanced Explosives

Deploy the angry playdoh.

An Engineer engaging in the Advanced Explosives mission is going to require the correct explosives and proper detonation methods for the operation, be it asset destruction, ambushing a hardened enemy, or area denial. This means the Engineer must have a thorough understanding of what needs to be destroyed or the area needed to be cut off.


The following tasks or discussions will be performed by and with the Engineer trainee before the Certification Test as a way to familiarize the trainee with the concepts and equipment required to be an effective Engineer:

Explosives Expert

Explosives Ordnance Disposal tasking:

  • Perform: Use of vanilla Mine Detector
  • Perform: Use of VMH3 mine detector
  • Discuss: Finer points of Arma movement and not dying
  • Perform: Disarm a variety of common explosives
  • Perform: Marking areas with Spraypaint

Advanced Explosives tasking:

  • Discuss and perform: Differences between explosives
  • Discuss: Differences between detonation methods
  • Discuss: Affirm thermite use
  • Perform: Ambush explosives use
  • Discuss: Area denial explosives use
  • Discuss: Scuttle doctrine
  • Discuss: Dead Man’s Switch
  • Perform: Cell Phone usage

A Parting Word

Engineers are meant to be the people with the tools. You are your best tool in your toolbox. Think everything through. Bounce theory or ideas off of others who know. In your role supporting an operation, an extra ten seconds of thought might save ten minutes down the line and keep people out of the spectator interface.

Arma may have it’s limitations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t push them.