Getting Started

you've been accepted, now what?

First off, congratulations and welcome to the Unit! We are glad to have you. The next few steps you should take are to read through our New Recruit Handbook, and our Basic Training Handbook.

These two guides will give you a quick crash course to not only what you can expect as a new member to the unit, but also a better idea about who we are, and some of the things that set us apart from other Arma3 Units. What follows below is the rest of the setup needed to get started playing with the 3rd Joint Combat Group:

Unit Rules & Reminders

General Rules:

  • No racism, sexism, hate speech, or discrimination of any kind. This is Non-Negotiable.

Behavior Standards:

  • Try to keep information and topics to correct channels (this includes the Discord, TeamSpeak and the Subreddit).

  • Take any personal matters up with the Advocate(s), Instructor(s), or any member of the Council.

  • No blatant trolling or harassment of anyone.

Operation Rules:

  1. No Friendly Fire Whatsoever

  2. Joking around or horse playing will not be tolerated. Official Operations are to be taken seriously.

  3. No weapon discharging in base.

  4. Be in the TeamSpeak and Arma 3 Servers at least 15 minutes before the Operation to start getting prepared and into your teams. Anyone wanting a leadership or support asset role should be on even earlier.

  5. Vehicles, weapons and equipment should only be commandeered with operation leadership’s permission.

  6. Mission debrief will follow operation completion; It is advised that you debrief with your team.

Software Setup

Next up you will need to install the following software:

  • Arma3 and the Apex DLC (Additional DLC such as Global Mobilization and Contact are recommended)

  • Teamspeak 3

  • Discord (you should have received a Discord invite link through Steam from the Council Member who accepted your Recruitment)

Now On to Mods


We use a custom Steam Modpack here at the 3rdJCG and it is incredibly easy to get set up using auto-config files and Arma3's Launcher. Located within #info-board channel in discord, there will be an html file and the instructions for how to set them up is pinned in #recruit-comms. Follow those instructions and Arma3 should automatically download the modpack and set up a launcher preset.


The last step mod configuration is to install the TaskForceRadio Teamspeak Plugin, you can do so like this:

  • Navigate to your Arma3 Workshop folder usually at: Steam\steamapps\common\Arma3\!Workshop on the drive you installed your games at.

    • If you cant see the !Workshop folder that's because it is hidden, turn on "Show Hidden Files" in your file explorer settings and you should see it.

  • Next find the Task Force Arrowhead Radio folder, and double click.

  • Then double click on the teamspeak folder

  • Lastly, double click on the task_force_radio.ts3_plugin file, and next through the prompts to install the plugin.

Be sure to enable the plugin inside of teamspeak when you are ready to enable TFAR.

Server Connection

If you have done all of the above, you are now ready to connect to our Teamspeak and the Arma3 Server. Both server IP's and Passwords are pinned in the #Info-board channel in the discord. Input those IP's and passwords, and you should be good to go!

If you need any help getting any of the above set up, please message a member of the Council or wait in the Help voice channel in the discord and someone will come help you out as soon as possible.

lastly, basic combat training

Before you can attend an official operation, you need to complete Phase 1 of our BCT Course. This ensures that all members, new and old, have a basic understanding of Arma3 Unit game-play, and to make sure that everyone is safe and comfortable during their first operation with the unit. Please consult your New Recruit Handbook for more information.