Mortar Artillery


  • 82mm rangetable - this is the mortar man's most important piece of equipment. It is accessed through the ace interaction equipment tab and will provide you with the elevation and number of changes you will need to hit the target.
  • Map tools - the tool allows you to get the bearing and distance to the target you wish to engage. While in the map ace selse interact and activate the map tool size appropriate for your engagement. Holding ALT allows you to rotate the map tool to get your bearing of the target.

Mk6 mortar - The standard mortar used during operations.capable of launching 82mm shells. A single infantryman is capable of operating the mk6 but need a minimum of two to transport it.


  • Smoke
  • High explosive (HE)
  • Flares


  • No charge: 100 to 450 meters (ETA 14-12 seconds)
  • One charges: 150 to 1700 meters (ETA 28-21 seconds
  • Two charges: 250 to 3100 meters (ETA 37-28 seconds)

Getting rounds on target

Before you have received a fire mission you need to set up your mortar and equipment. Next you need to mark your position on the map the to get the appropriate distance and bearing of any fire mission you receive. Once you receive a fire mission you need to get the range and distance first. To do so, place down a marker on your map of the grid the FO gave you, next place the map tool center over your position.

You now need to align the map tool with the fire mission marker to get the bearing you need to fire. In this instance, your artillery position is on the southern hill and the target is at the airstrip bearing 340 from your position.

Now that we have the bearing, we need to get a distance to the target by using the ruler on the side of the map tool.

Place the 0 on your position to get the distance to your target in this instance the target is 1390 meters away from you

Once you have the range and bearing of your target you now need to open your range card to get the elevation and charge count to fire at a target 1390 meters away. We can start with the 1400 meter range so having one charge at an elevation of 1115 should strike the target.

Change the "Charge" on the mortar itself by pressing "F". Double check to make sure the charge is correct every time, as it can easily be switched by accident. Setting the incorrect charge for your rounds will result in them being drastically off target.

Once you've got your distance, your bearing and your charge figured out, the next step is to orient the mortar correctly.

Using ace self interaction, toggle the use of mils on the mortar, this will allow you to see your compass bearing. Once you've got that, switch back to get your elevation and adjust using "Page Up" and "Page Down". Once you feel like you've got the mortar aimed correctly, fire off one round. Wait for the impact and following response from the FO, who will guide you onto the target by calling out small adjustments for you to make. Once your rounds are dialed in and hitting accurately, the FO will give you firing orders with a number of rounds to fire at the target.