Logistics Specialist

In the rear, with the gear.

Repair, Rearm, and Resupply (R3)

AKA, REEEE THREE, the Three REEEEEEEEE’s, and that thing Medics beg for.

Supply chains are critical in a war, and can be critical even in our operations. An Engineer with R3 tasking will likely need a toolkit and the relevant ACE vehicles to execute their tasks. R3 tasked Engineers may also be handling other aspects of ground logistics like moving heavy equipment around or handling group reinserts. R3 tasked Engineers are likely to interface with heavy equipment teams such as Armor and Artillery teams, and in special cases Air elements.


Pillow or otherwise.

An Engineer tasked with building Fortifications must be equipped with an Entrenching tool and a Fortify tool. The Engineer must understand where, when, and why the player force is embedding in a given location, and what assets will be embedded there, as well as gameplay and meta restrictions.


The following tasks or discussions will be performed by and with the Engineer trainee before the Certification Test as a way to familiarize the trainee with the concepts and equipment required to be an effective Engineer:

Logistics Specialist

R3 tasking:

● Perform: Repairing vehicle via toolkit (field repair)

● Perform: Repairing, refueling, and rearming vehicle via Repair vehicle/depot

● Discuss: Track repair ● Perform: Stocking spare parts

● Discuss and perform: The logistics suite

● Discuss and perform: Grabbing unique ammo, plans for resupplying infantry ammo and ordinance

● Perform: Tow a vehicle

● Perform: Sling loading

● Discuss: Reinserts

Fortifying tasking:

● Discuss and perform: Implementing the Fortify Tool, uses and restrictions. Reaffirm Entrenching Tool.

● Discuss: Use cases for embedding in a location

● Perform: Withstand barrage of indirect fire

● Simulate: Fortify a location against infantry attack

Certification Tests

The Certification Tests have been designed to test all aspects of an Engineer’s sub-certification to a degree relevant to most Operations the Engineer could be utilized in. The Instructor is not allowed to give advice during the tests, only raw information.

Logistics Specialist Certification

Loadout style: Fortifications + Toolkit

Stage One: Field repair the assigned vehicle and drive to location marked “Garage”.

Stage Two: Fully repair, refuel, and rearm the assigned vehicle.

Stage Three: Acquire, fill, and load into the vehicle a box containing prescribed supplies.

Stage Four: Tow supplied Quadbike 100 meters.

Stage Five: Navigate to location marked “Barrel,” build fortifications sufficient to protect the trainee from an artillery barrage, and ½ the fortifications sufficient to protect the vehicle. Survive the artillery barrage.

Stage Six: Navigate to the location marked “Depot,” unload the supply box, and assist in sling loading the supply box to a waiting helicopter.