Phase 3

Table of Contents

Field Evaluations

As you continue to player missions with 3rd JCG, you'll get a better feel for the group as well as the mechanics used in our operations. What matters most is that you follow the instructions of your leadership, and participate in your team's debriefing to seek improvement.

Experience as Teacher

At the end of every operation, 3rd JCG conducts a Team Debrief. This is the one all players should be a part of within their own team. They can provide feedback on their experience which helps mission makers and leaders figure out where deficiencies may lie. But more importantly for newer members, this is where they themselves will receive feedback from their leaders or teammates on what they need to improve on or continue doing to various degrees. This will greatly help players find their footing in a team as it also includes reviewing the things they did well in a mission.



Team leaders and players in support roles will often perform a "Leadership Debrief" following the Team Debrief. Other members are often excluded from this as it usually clutters the discussion, but in smaller ops all players may be invited to one large debrief. In these instances player should try to give room for others to speak and be prepared to give feedback when called upon as leadership goes down the list of players to hear their comments. Otherwise, if you are ever in a leadership debrief it is advised to leave the majority of the discussion to those who performed leadership roles. If that happens to be you, then congratulations!

Completion of Evaluations

Admittedly, this process is less structured, but is quickly accomplished so long as your Team Leaders don't see any glaring issues with your performance and are confident in your abilities and contributions to the team. There are some important tips to keep in mind while in this stage of your training (Phase 3).

Things that will improve your progression:

Thing that will hinder progression:

Battle Drills


ACE reports - Your fireteam leader might request an ACE report, which in turn might have been requested from the Squad Leader or the Platoon Commander.  ACE stands for: 

The general intent of an ACE report is to maintain individual and team awareness in regards to logistical considerations.  A fire team leader needs to know about deficiencies within the team in order to make corrections or call for support from other elements.  For this reason, ACE reports should be quickly conducted by individuals and communicated to leadership after any significant event within the mission such as: taking enemy contact, completing an objective, or halting for resupply.  Any time high leadership calls for a SITREP or any status update, the ACE report should be one of the first things that come to mind.  

MET-TEC - A mnemonic similar to one used primarily by the U.S. Army as a framework to aid its warriors in analyzing a situation, prioritizing key aspects and planning accordingly to achieve success.  For 3rd JCG, MET-TEC is worded slightly differently to reflect elements that are more prominent in-game, or will simply be more cohesive with the online group.  Mission Dossiers will follow this format, and players are encouraged to remember this mnemonic so they may recall important details of their mission.